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What is FREEDOM?!

Is it a privilege given to a human or is a right stolen by self for thyself? Is it something found at the pinnacle of you career or is it something which allows you have a career of your choice?... Continue Reading →

Being a woman!

In this patriarchal society, every now and then, being a woman and trying to be an independent one is a daunting task because every day, every hour, you are being judged by the eyes of strangers, your actions are being... Continue Reading →

Isolation desolation

These back breaking times, when everything around feels infected, vicious and out of control, and we feel the need of staying aloof and the only safe place is behind the closed doors, the only question I want to ask is... Continue Reading →

Summers of 2020

Summers are a lazy affair. They are all about long afternoons to nap and nap again, sun-kissed lemon-addy evenings and the nights full of stars. Everything around is gleamingly magically loud. So loud to numb us at times. Most summers... Continue Reading →

Albeit love should happen!

This is what happens when two almost ominous millennials meet at the edge of life where they want profound transpositions in life. They try to veil the gushing blood in their veins by the layers of tenacity and focus the... Continue Reading →


Like a moment gone, I thought I lost you. But how can you lose, the timeless bits of, love, smiles, snuggles and tears, which make the esse of you alive. But How can you live with the collisions which occurred... Continue Reading →

on scabs, on soul.

Through the pages of my diary, if I ask you today to choose a chapter, what would you choose to read? Through the stories of your life, if I ask you today to tell me one, which one would make... Continue Reading →

Midnight caffeine overdose!

Aaanndd it's again midnight and I am back in the business of insomniac nights, burning my midnight oil pondering over things which won't even matter in next few years. But isn't this what all of us do! The soul-destroying cycle... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s !

What an irony it is, we celebrate love in the month which is smallest in a year! Is it the age of love that is small or is it our inefficacy to keep it going for long? Or we are... Continue Reading →

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