These back breaking times, when everything around feels infected, vicious and out of control, and we feel the need of staying aloof and the only safe place is behind the closed doors, the only question I want to ask is -“ Was it really under our control ever? ”This is a reminder to the whole humanity which was living in the oblivion till now, thinking death is real but it can’t happen to us but to everyone else. We are losing near and dear ones every passing day and we have a whole lot of blames but the grief is something which I cannot describe nor I should ever for I cannot imagine the pain people are going through right now. It is very inhuman and unfortunate times we are going through.

This is a tough phase and we shall come out of it more stronger than ever. This is time for reflection for us, who are still blessed and healthy and working every day. We humans in this century have reached the peak of our greed where we want the world at the snap of our fingers. We have processed foods, fast fashion, online malls and everything everyone connected but is it enough to save someone who is choking for the last breath?

It is a time to instigate what really went wrong? The technology has and always will, help us to create and solve our own problems simultaneously. Albeit, this pandemic is real but I would really suggest you to sit with yourself, and ask yourself, what would you change today?The idea might sound impractical and opposite to the what is going on right now but the this time, the time we got in our isolation is the time to sit and plan and ask ourselves –

What are we going to leave behind?

“Greed, judgements and societal problems.”


“Love, compassion and humanity.”