In this patriarchal society, every now and then, being a woman and trying to be an independent one is a daunting task because every day, every hour, you are being judged by the eyes of strangers, your actions are being judged by the scarecrows of the society and your way of living is often questioned by the people around you.When it comes to a woman for choosing the life she desires, even the women of all other sects condemn her for choosing her freedom over the rules of society. As a progressive society, it is our duty to not judge anyone, be it a man/woman/anyone based on the criterion set by the past patterns.As a woman, I feel liberated by the thought that my parents not only gave me a sky to fly but also taught to use my wings whenever I feel suffocated on this earth.My parents always chose the freedom over the society.It is my turn to tell you, it is easy. Let it go and paint the world as it is your canvas. No cage is enough to keep your energy bounded in few materials people and relations. Be the power you try to find everywhere.Be your inspiration and the universe will guide you through. Take this satire and shove it into the faces of people who made you feel less just because you’re a woman.Conquer the world you dream with your hardwork honesty and morals and the universe will return you more than you ever asked.